Feeler : MD 188 - 1:1 transformer / 600R :600R

There will be a batch of these T 188 made, the actual quantity depending on how many people would be interested in buying one.

Price somewhere around 120,- Euro.

I spent a lot of energy in finding one of the rare german sources of EI 48 mumetal core material still being produced.

And I found a trafo winder with a liking for this kind of craftsmanship. And yes, we deconstructed an original HAUFE T188, to see how it was wound - arrangement of coils, thickness of wires etc.

For further information I was in contact with some people engaged with the companies originally producing these parts.

Two primary windings with 300R each, one secondary with a center tap and a total of 600R.

DC Resistance is very close to that of Haufe transformers (which vary in a range of 600 - 700R), sound is very close, too.

Frequency response will be reported later.


Still looking for someone to produce tight fitting mumetal cans.


For contact: mdeppe@arcor.de