New adress !

Wall and ceiling absorber by "thomann" in Treppendorf. In combination with the heavy velours curtain in front of the windows I created an acoustic ambience I´m just happy with. I did this as a result of my life long experience (using insight in acoustics !) and in my belief this is superior to measuring nodes and reflections.

I cancelled the carpet I originally planned and prefer the wooden floor now and have an even sounding ambience without bass boost, no matter where I hold my head.

I combine the advantage of actual digital standards (recording, complex machinery like digital reverb and effects, etc.) with my experience in the superior qualities of analog equipment (microphones, preamps, filters and compressors).

To achieve that, I build some of that equipment myself, because there is nothing existing like it, or it is no longer existing, doesn´  t meet my expectations or is quite frankly not affordable, see DIY.

But I don´  t want to be ignorant: there is plenty of contemporary equipment in the tradition of the old school`´  s factories, well designed and expensive and you don´  t get along without them (Schoeps, Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Josephson, beyerdynamic, MB Haun, to name just a few). Research and design doesn´  t stand still.


To specify the variety of music I like, there is a motto, I learned at school:

It is not important, WHAT kind of music you play, but HOW you play it.

Thanks to my music teacher, OStR Heinz-Günther Karbaum (+), who was far more open-minded than the rest at that time.


I am an old school producer. I don´  t want to interfere with the musical flow, just enhance it. I see my task in encouraging the musicians to give their best. In that process I help with musical and technical expertise, being the missing audience in the studio. But only to the point, where it gets non-natural, machine-like. After all the musical result should be reproduceable in a live concert. The Beatles maybe saw that dilemma after "Sgt. Pepper" and finally tried to get back to their roots with "Let It Be".


How beautiful a piece of brass music, provided there is clean intonation, played rhythmically stable and with a tasty tone.

How moving the human voice, solo or in a choir - be it Silcher, Ligeti or a gospel choir - when the note is hit on the point and held without shaking, maybe a slight tremolo at the end or an elegant joint decrescendo, but in any case having a synchronous ending. A bavarian "Stubenmusi" with proper tuned instruments and the knowing, which note has to be played long and which short (= phrasing). A pipe organ, freshly restored or newly built, sending the power of sound, triggered by the tips of the player´  s fingers, into the acoustical space of a cathedral.

A big band with homogenous sections playing stilistically coherent (= phrasing).

The symphonic sound of a classical orchestra, each single player exactly knowing how his voice has to fit in the entire arrangement, to bring the composer´  s creation from paper to sound touching the recipient´  s heart and soul.

The SWR big band was Grammy nominated three times during the time when I was Tonmeister in residence for this formation. Apart from the fact, that I´  m not the originator of the musical performance of this great band, am I "award winning producer", like so many producers out there are designated ? Of course not, and for the main reason, that the title has not been given to us in the end.


An illustrious selection of those, I was allowed to work with in the last 45 years live or in the studio  at  SDR/SWR or in my own studio is shown here as a small gesture of respect to the goddess of music:


Alex Acuna (perc), Toshiko Akiyoshi (cond, arr, p), Manny Albam (cond, arr)+, Horst Allgaier (Orgel), Christoph Altstaedt (cond), Nikolas Altstaedt (vcl), Ian Anderson - Jethro Tull (voc, fl), Charly Antolini (dr), Malte Arkona (voc), ASIA, Brian Auger (org), Decibal Badila (b),

Martin Barre (g, voc), Keith Barry (multi & comp, arr), Mike Batt (arr, voc, p), Benjamin Baxby - Sequentia Ensemble (voc), Tanja Becker-Bender (viol), Ulli Beckerhoff (tp), Inga Behrendt (voc, cond), Ian Bostridge (voc), Pearl Bretter (voc), Ronan Browne (pipes, whistle), Jack Bruce (b) +, Rainer Brüninghaus (p, arr), Bully Buhlan (voc)+, Christoph Buhse (dr), Eric Burdon (voc), Bobby Burgess (tb) +, Gary Burton (vib)

Paul Carrack (voc, g, keys), Ron Carter (b), Ray Charles (voc, p) +, Natalie Chee (viol), Roger Cicero (voc)+, Chick Corea (p) +, Gayle Corea-Moran (voc), Christopher Cross (voc, keys), Cuarteto Casals, Ian Cumming (tb), Bob Curnow (arr, cond),

Danish String Quartet, Dänisches Nationalorchester, Wolfgang Dauner (p), Brett Dean (comp, cond, vla), Stephane Denève (cond), Dido - Faithless (voc), Stephan Diez (gt) +, Klaus Doldinger (ts), Regine Dobberschütz (voc), Stella Doufexis (voc), Gerd Dudek (ts, ss),

Wolfgang Engstfeld (ts, ss), Matthias Erlewein (ts),

Johannes Faber (tp), Joyce Faber (voc), Marianne Faithfull (voc), Dieter Falk (prod, p, synth), Karl Farrent (tp, flh), Bobby McFerrin (cond, voc), Bob Florence (arr, p, cond)+, Robben Ford (g), Frank Foster (ts, ss)+, Buddy de Franco (cl, arr)+, Joki Freund (ts) +,

Sol Gabetta (vcl), Joe Gallardo (tb), Günther Gebauer (b), Jörg Gebhardt (dr), Herb Geller (as,ss) +, Gerry Gibbs (dr), Terry Gibbs (vib, arr), Astrud Gilberto (voc), Dieter Glawischnig (p, cond), Marc Godfroid (tb), Horst Götz (b), Johannes Goritzki (vcl), Karel Gott (voc), Rachel Gould (voc), Klaus Graf (as), Max Greger sen. (ts)+ und jun. (p), Joachim Gröschel, (drums), Mladen Gutesha (arr), Stefan Gwildis (voc),

Wolfgang Haffner (dr), Gerry Hagberg (g), Viviane Hagner (viol), Anne Haigis (voc), Slide Hampton (tb, arr, cond), Lynn Harrell (vcl) +, Gabriele Hasler (voc), Peter Herbolzheimer (cond, arr) +, Chris Hinze (fl), Matthias Höfs (tp, flh), Manfred Hoffbauer (ts, fl)+, Robert Holly (voc, comp), Bill Holman (arr, cond), The Hooters, Daniel Hope (viol), Thomas Horstmann (g), Claire Huangci (p), Ernst Hutter (tb),

Alina Ibragimowa (viol), Incognito,

Horst Jankowski (p)+, Jan Jankeje (b), Al Jarreau (voc), Guido Jörris (dr), Bibi Johns (voc), Elvin Jones (dr) +, Howard Jones (voc, key), Ricky Lee Jones (voc), Herbert Joos (flh, arr), Francine Jordi (voc),

Greetje Kauffeld (voc), John Kay - Steppenwolf (voc), Michael "Micky" Kersting (dr), B.B. King (voc, g)+, Dave King (b), Florian King (bouzouki, b), Helmut Kirchgäßner (comp, p)+, Marlon Klein - Dissidenten (dr, perc), Sebastian Knauer (p), Manfred Kniel (dr, perc), Hans Koller (ss,ts)+, Lee Konitz (as), Bernd Konrad (bar, cl, ss), Patricia Kopatschinskaja (viol), Lala Kovačev (dr) +, Gidon Kremer (viol), Paul Kuhn (p)+, Axel Kühn (as, ts), Joachim Kühn (p, arr), Ewa Kupiec (p), Frank Kuruc (g), Boris Kusnezow (p), Prof. Uta Kutter (voc),

Abe Laboriel (b), Bireli Lagrene (gt), Christoph Lauer (ts), Peter Lehel (ts), Erwin Lehn (leader)+, Leipziger Streichquartett, Ute Lemper (voc), Günter Lenz (b), Elisabeth Leonskaja (p), Bart van Lier (tb), Wolfgang Lindenfelser (sax), Jaques Loussier (p), Peter Lübke (dr), Steve Lukather (g), Rob McConnell (arr, cond)+,

Wolf Maahn (voc), Peter Maffay (voc), Andi Maile (ts), Xavier de Maistre (harfe), Albert Mangelsdorff (tb)+, Sebastian Manz (clar), Charlie Mariano (ts,ss)+, Lyle Mays (keys)+, Cornelius Meister (cond), Katie Melua (voc, g), Don Menza (ts), Pat Metheny (g), Capo Meyer (b), Alannah Miles (voc), Minetti Streichquartett, Minguet Streichquartett, Bob Mintzer (ts, arr, cond), Gilead Mishory (p), Modern Jazz Quartet, Ulli Moeck (p), Nils Mönkemeyer (vla), Henrik Mumm (b), Hiram Mutschler (dr), Max Mutzke (voc),

Gianna Nannini (voc), Joe Nay (dr)+, Holger Nell (dr), Jascha Nemtsov (p), Sammy Nestico (arr, cond), Lauren Newton (voc), Sal Nistico (ts, arr)+, Nippi Noya (perc), Ludwig Nuß (tb),

Klaus Osterloh (tp, flh),

Pacifica Quartet, Petr Pandula (pipes, arr), Horace Parlan (p), Jaco Pastorius (b) +, Rita Paul (voc) +, Ingrid Peters (voc), PUR, Al Porcino (tp) +, Boris Pergamenschikow (vcl) +, Rainer Pusch (ts),

Quatuor Ebéne Streichquartett, Freddy Quinn (voc),

Bernd Rabe (as, fl) +, Frederic Rabold (flh, tp), Don Rader (tp, flh, arr), Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart, Radio Symphony Orchestra Baden-Baden / Freiburg, Christine Reber (voc, prod), Claus Reichstaller (tp, flh), Joerg Reiter (p, synth) +, Dieter Reith (p, synth, arr, prod) +, Hans-Joerg Riedl (keys), Adelhard Roidinger (b), Ack van Rooyen (tp, flh) +, Semino Rossi (voc), Janina Ruh (vcl, voc), Tatjana Ruhland (fl),

Michael Sagmeister (g), Arturo Sandoval (tp), Freddy Santiago (perc), Dinis und Susanne Schemann (p), Alexander v. Schlippenbach (p, arr), Elmar Schmidt (dr), Peter Schmidt (dr) +, Peter "Pit" Schönfeld (b), Klaus-Peter Schöpfer (gt, prod), Martin Schrack (p), Sigi Schwab (g), Paul Schwarz (p), Wolfgang Schmid (gt, b), Christian Schmitt (Konzertorgel), Maria ("split the diffrence") Schneider (arr, cond), Manfred Schoof (tp, arr), Minni Schulz (b), Tony Scott (cl), Jürgen Seefelder (ts), Zbigniew Seifert (viol), Henning Sieverts (b), H. Sigfridsson (p), Signum Streichquartett, Bobby Shew (tp), Thomas Stabenow (b), Martin Stöck (dr) +, Claus Stötter (flh, tp), Bertil Strandberg (tb), Hugo Strasser (cl)+, Ruben Sturm (Orgel), SWR Big Band, SWR Vokal Ensemble,

Antoine Tamestit (vla), Clark Terry (flh, tp)+, Christian Tetzlaff (viol), Jean-Yves Thibaudet (p), Barbara Thornton+ / Sequentia Ensemble (voc), Philippe Tondre (ob), Anita Traversi (vocal) +, McCoy Tyner (p) +,

Midge Ure (voc, g), Violeta Urmana (voc),

Caterina Valente (voc), Suzanne Vega (voc, g), Thomas Vogel (tp), Arcadi Volodos (p), Sylvia Vrethammar (voc),

Klaus Wagenleiter (p, synth), Chris Walden (arr, prod), Eberhard Weber (b, arr), Klaus Weiss (dr)+, Peter Weniger (ss, ts), Jörg Widmann (cl), Jens Winther (tp, arr), Steve Winwood (voc, org), Andreas Witte (dr), Peter "Fifi" Witte (b) +, Torsten Wollmann (tp), Phil Woods (as, cl)+, Anne Wylie (voc, g), Christoph Wyneken (cond),

Christian Zacharias (p), Tabea Zimmermann (vla)


In amazement and gratitude I look at the immense spectrum of music l had the opportunity to encounter  ...