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melody tonstudio - hohenloherstraße 96

Me at the Soundcraft 2400 series console (1-3). Peter Wölpl, Dieter Falk and Tommy Simmerl (4). Jaco and me (5+6). Abe Laboriel, Alex Acuna and Dieter Falk (7). Dieter Falk and Hadley Hockensmith (8). Me, the Pirate of the Caribbean (9).




Reminiscence from "melody tonstudio", my studio from 1984 to 1988

Telefunken M10 Taperecorder.

 I had two of those, one with record and play amplifiers V86 / V87 with tubes (sound was excellent, did my  master tapes with them) and one with solid state  technology V396 / V397 (which were available with selen transistors since 1963), for the safety copy. The haptic experience, to touch a tape, mount it, to actually feel and splice it is a very familiar feeling still).

Watch the tape counter at he right tape roller - which I think is a mechanical master stroke for that time.

Assumed we still had engineers and fine mechanical workshops to make constructions like that and had deciders (!!!) to set priorities in leading positions, I´  m sure, we had no problems with "BER", the new Berlin airport, completion of "Elbphilharmonie" and last but not least "Stuttgart 21" (I couldn´  t  resist to whine about a system of contradictory rules and the arrogance of politicians - as well as Everyman - meddling with details they know nothing about).

 In commemoration: Tape Counters in minutes and seconds (not spins, cm or inch) only came to international use with the upcoming electronic displays.

studio westend - augustenstraße 75

Our studio (Harald Schäuffelen and me) from 1980 to 1984, recording "Flair".



Quarteto Meginheim auf dem Michaelsberg

Das Quartett bei der Probe

The string quartet had a concert at Septembre 30th 2013 -  Michaelis - at the chaple of Michael on "Michaelsberg" near Cleebronn. Guest soloist was  Helene Godefroy on the viola da gamba. She performed a solo piece by Abel and a cello suite by Telemann, accompanied by the quartet.

The quartet (Hans Rückauer and Theophil Stetter (+), violin, Manfred Deppe, viola und  Renate von Lamezan, violoncello) played a stringquartet by Johan Nepomuk Hummel and the Eb major string quartet op. 12 by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

We recorded the concert with a few takes during the sound check as alternate material.

Berthold Jüngst did the recordings. His mobile was located beside thre church. The picture of us (without Helen) is his courtesy as well.

ein Mitschnitt des Konzerts zum Patrozinium 2013
Die CD ist fertig

Long gone and worth seeing ...

Zyan Zwo - festival Höxter 1972

Zyan Zwo - Festival Höxter 1971
Zyan Zwo - Festival Höxter 1971

In the beginning of the seventies I played in a progressive rock band based in Detmold named "Zyan Zwo" - cast: Uli Herfurth, sax, cl / Manfred Deppe, git, viola / Christian Kuhnke, git, bass / Rolf Sander, drums. We had a program, or at least all our titles had a verbal connection to "hammer". One was "Hammerfest" (a norwegian town), one was "Hammerhart" (hammerhard), one was "Hammersjölk" (remember the UNO ceo ?) and so on.

In summer 1972 we had the opportunity to play a festival in a stone quarry near Höxter. On the scene as well : Alexis Korner, Arthur Brown, Golden Earrings and german upcoming band "The Scorpions", who also provided the PA.

My fellow student Steffen Seithel packed some mobile equipment from the "Tonmeister Institut Detmold", our audio school. That was analoque equipment of course and mainly tube mics and tube preamps. The recordings are comtemporary witnesses of that time.

Later on it started to rain, feel for Steffen with his gear ...


Jack Bone Group, Herford, 1973

Having met my old friend  Marlon Klein on the occasion of a show with his band "Dissidenten" at the Jazz Open Stuttgart (see picture above), it´  s reasonable to feature the optical and acoustical memories of "Jack Bone Group" (see pictures below), the band of his elder brother Hans-Peter. We have been the rhythm section of this formation.. In Herford we had a rehearsal room wall to wall to "Missus Beastley". Two titles were recorded at the "Tonmeisterinstitut Detmold" and you´  ll find them further below in "Things worth hearing", one is "Hot Rubber", originally composed by Uli Herfurth of "Zyan Zwo" arranged by me and the more environmentally inspired "Leichenwagen Erde" by Hans-Peter.

Marlon once teased, that brothers Klein lifted their arms to show the "venceremos" fist (Marlon the arm at the heart side, Hans-Peter the opposite), while Wolfgang Nickel put his hands on his hips, but I was hiding my hand behind my head - hahaha.

"Blaetter des Bielefelder Jugendkulturringes" wrote in nr. 271 of okt. 73:

<From well reputated KRAAN to still unknown JACK BONE GROUP. Still rehearsing in Herford based youth center DAS HAUS: Wolfgang Nickel, played organ with MISSUS BEASTLY, Peter Klein of "Jack Bone Blues", Manfred Deppe of "Hybris" and Peter´  s younger brother Marlon. They present german lyrics, this for example:>

(sorry, translation is hard to do, even though it doesn´  t rhyme)

<A little bit of resignation in the lyrics - and when I steal illusions, that doesn´  t disapprove mandatory criticism ! Rock music should have proved different: you can have a different sensibility fitting criticism ... and that could be misunderstood in this lyrics und lead to escape any activism. Enough for now: the music, they´ re playing is more convincing than the words - but many things can be changed. >

That´  s what "Blaetter des Bielefelder Kulturrings" said, sounds a bit high brow today. - Anything not serving reeducation to a better mankind isn´  t worth existing - . At least a few nice words about the music ... Any difference to today ? ...

studio westend - augustenstraße 75 - OUTCAST-Reunion

Founded backin 1965, the last cast of this band featured Tilman Jäger, voc / Hans-Christian "Hansel" Ketscher, keyboards / Manfred "Manni" Deppe, guitar / Klaus Peter Ludwig, bass und Martin "Tiny" Baufeldt, drums.

1983 we reunited to make music again. We missed exercise, but it was fun anyhow.

Long gone and worth hearing ...

Music recorded during the 80ies in "studio westend" with TEAC 8-track (and anytime, anywhere else)

Zyan Zwo , festival 1971 at a stone quarry near Höxter


Jack Bone Group, at the studio of "Tonmeister Institut" Detmold 1973